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The foundation of our Home Watch Checklist is based on the best practices developed by the National Home Watch Association.  We tailor these to meet the requirements of your home and your needs.


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Leak - CRM Home Watch
Leak Damage - CRM Home Watch
Insect infestation - CRM Home Watch

Exterior Inspection

A perimeter check of home is performed to observe that no damage has been done to the home and that the home does not appear to be unoccupied to the casual observer. CRM Home Watch will look for damage caused by falling trees or snow or wind; signs of break-ins, vandalism, trespassers or squatters; or other signs of vacancy such as newspapers or flyers on porch or mailbox. Note signs of animal activity including bears, chipmunks, raccoons, fisher cats, bobcats, etc. Snow removal or plowing being performed in the winter is also checked as well as landscaping so the house does not look unoccupied. A visual inspection of outdoor HVAC equipment and any other checks requested by the homeowner. If a vehicle is on site, this can be started per the owner’s request.

Additional Services

  • Before and after storm checks
  • Seasonal open and close services
  • Meet service personnel/deliveries
  • Stock requested grocery items
  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Key Holder Service

Interior Inspection

A walk through of the home is performed, checking every room on every level including garages and basements.  CRM Home Watch will be looking for water leaks from the roof, windows and plumbing—checking baths / showers and under sinks.

  • Visual inspection for mold and mildew will be performed.
  • We will turn on the water and run the faucets and flush the toilets.
  • A visual inspection looking for pests will also be conducted. Ants come out in the spring and mice are active year round.
  • Every door and window will be checked to that they are securely latched.
  • All smoke and CO2 detectors will be checked batteries replaced as needed.
  • Heating and Cooling levels will be checked they’re within the homeowners parameters.
  • Appliance will be checked that they are either unplugged or if left running, check that they are working properly.
  • Check security lamps / timers and tripped breakers.

As a matter of protocol, CRM Home Watch immediately photographs any issues and contacts the homeowner or other designated contact person to determine a proper course of action.

CRM Home Watch is not a 24/7 business, but will make a reasonable effort to respond off hours for emergencies including alarm response.

Uniquely Qualified To Handle Your Home Watch Needs!

We are ready to handle all of your home watch needs. We are insured, bonded, and accredited by the National Home Watch Association.